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Who doth not trust in God repose, Evil his life and sad its close.


attendance . would relieve him from his miser . Alvar Nuñez and Garcilaso . continued his career of robbery . related all that had happened to him . except when he had a rope round his neck . rich merchant, . calling the judge aside, . now become a robber . sentenced to die . to do all that was required of him. . attendance was not so prompt . making him richer . put your trust and hope in God . Don Martin, who, speedily arriving, placed him at liberty . the cause of his sadness . losing thereby both soul and body . evil-doers always avoid the light . instead of money, finding only a rope, . open the gate or door of any house he desired . Don Martin once more placed him at 224 liberty . he offers us his assistance to avoid labour and anxiety for the sake of an immediate apparent relief . He was again, however, liberated . felt a little alarm . and not in omens and predictions . was not so prompt . accept his conditions . rely upon false aid and delay their repentance . not content . the execution of the prisoner, . ‘Help me, Don Martin,’ . him five-hundred maravedi in an alms-bag . making him his slave . still continued his robberies . he ultimately agreed . A very rich man arrived at such a state of poverty . meet the Devil . foretell coming events . was well aware of what was passing in the man’s mind, nevertheless asked him why he was so sad. . not altogether without sin, before I accept this offer, I wish you to direct me what to do.”

Elfinspell: Count Lucanor 11, The Fifty Pleasant Stories of Patronio, Don Juan Manuel, Preface, English Translation by James York, M.D., 14th century fables, short stories, facetiae, full text, Medieval Spanish Literature (CountLucanor11) online text


What happened to the Devil, with a Woman who went on a Pilgrimage.


husband with the same story . seeking to do evil . that they are those who, under the guise of friendship or otherwise, introduce calumny and false representations for the destruction of good feeling . causing him to be very depressed and dejected. . young man of good personal appearance and his wife, who lived so happ . the relatives of the young man . devoting himself more to another woman . and instantly decapitated her . she had been an old servant . his wife intended cutting his throat with a razor. . but without success . consented to do as suggested. . he could mar their happiness . prayed to God to preserve him and his friends from the baneful influence of all calumniators. . ound his wife so dejected . becoming so indifferent to you . ily together . attacked in their turn the father and brothers of the wife, and killed them. . she feared his wife loved another more than himself . were horrified at the spectacle they there beheld . unfortunately took her into her house, and confided to her, after a while, all her secrets, as did also her husband. . inviting him, at the same time, to lie down and place his head on her knees while she lulled him to sleep. . They immediately made arrangements . she cut a few hairs from her husband’s beard . dejected at the ill-success of his schemes . The doings, not the semblance, heed, Wouldst thou from evil chance be freed. . found his wife so dejected . contrary to his usual custom . young man of good personal appearance and his wife, who lived so happily together . soon discovered that all these misfortunes arose from the hypocrisy and false representations of a deceitful female pilgrim, who, being brought to justice, was condemned to a most cruel death. . would not believe it . immediately attacked the young man and slew him. . although she could scarcely believe it, yet it had the effect of making her anxious and sad. . convinced of the truth . watching their habits and proceedings . that his wife intended to kill him . evil-disposed woman in the guise of a pilgrim

who could advise her the best method of regaining and securing her husband’s affection.
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